Neo G - $3 Off Opti-Heal Advanced Woundcare At Meijer

Neo G - $3 Off Opti-Heal Advanced Woundcare At Meijer

Neo G Opti-Heal Advanced Woundcare $3 off at Meijer - Click Here to find your nearest store

Neo G, producers of Opti-Heal Advanced Woundcare are currently $3 off instore at Meijer. Silicone Multi Purpose Dressing and Hydration Multi Purpose Dressing are $12.99 down from $15.99! Click here to find your nearest store.

Opti-Heal dressings create a moist environment, which can help accelerate healing and reduce pain and scarring. It is a myth that keeping wounds open and exposed to air makes them heal better. An open wound increases the risk of infections and may also increase pain, or be subjected to further injury, as it has no protection from the influence of external elements. Scientific research suggests that a wound that is protected with a dressing and kept clean and moist heals much faster, without complications than wounds that are left exposed to the air.


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Neo G products are designed by orthopaedic professionals and registered as Class 1 Medical Devices.

In partnership with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


Neo G is proud to be an official worldwide partner with The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the UK equivalent of the APTA.

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Neo G is a trusted high street brand with over 1 million supports sold and thousands of 5 star reviews.