Silicone Wound Recovery Strips


  • $1999

REF: AW005

Xcelerated Healing
  • Ideal for healing old & new scars, closed wounds, cuts and abrasions*
  • Breathable and repositionable for easy monitoring
  • Gentle removal, minimizes pain and trauma to skin
  • Soft & flexible, cut to size for best fit
  • Showerproof for lasting wear
  • Low Irritation silicone adhesive

          Contains 6 strips – 1.6 x 5.9 inch / 4 x 15 cm


          Neo G’s Opti-Heal Advanced Woundcare has been clinically developed to provide hospital grade dressings for use at home.  Opti-Heal dressings create a moist environment, which can help accelerate healing and reduce pain and scarring. 

          Opti-Heal Silicone Wound Recovery Strips are soft, thin and reusable self-adhesive silicone gel strips. They are effective for the management of both new and old hypertrophic or keloid scars, closed wounds, cuts and abrasions, once they have fully closed.  They are translucent for easy monitoring of the affected area as it heals. Gentle and repositionable, the soft silicone conforms to the body for added comfort and is suitable for sensitive skin.  Featuring good adhesion, Opti-Heal Silicone Wound Recovery Strips are suitable for short and long term use and are showerproof for lasting wear, protecting from dirt and germs.

          Suitable for:

          Can minimize existing hypertrophic and keloid scars.

          * Can ONLY be used on closed wounds, cuts and abrasions, once they have fully closed, to aid in the prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scars.

          Directions for Use

          Ensure the strip is the appropriate size for the wound/scar. The strip should be ½ inch larger than the wound/scar. The strip can be cut to the appropriate size for the wound/scar. Holes may be cut in the material to accommodate fingers or toes.

          1. Always wash hands before and after use.
          2. Gently clean and dry application area.
          3. Remove the strip from the wrapper.
          4. Remove the backing film and save for later use.
          5. Place the adherent side of the strip against the wound/scar, without stretching.
          6. Keep the strip in place for at least 12 hours and up to 23 hours per day. If required, a fixation aid such as tape, netting or a pressure garment may be used to hold the strip in place.
            To allow the skin to acclimatize, begin by applying the product for 4 hours per day for the 1st two days, gradually increasing by 2 hours per day until the optimal therapy time is obtained.
          7. When the strip begins to deteriorate or cleaning is difficult, it should be replaced. A good healing effect is usually achieved after continuous use of the strip for 2 to 4 months.

                Removal & Cleaning

                At least twice a day, remove the strip, wash the affected area and both sides of the product with plain soap and clean warm water. Do not use a soap that contains moisturizers, lotions or oils. A plain fragrance free soap is recommended, avoid detergents as it may lead to skin irritation. Rinse the product thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. Allow the product to air dry or pat it dry with a lint free towel before reapplying.

                Between uses, store the product on the Backing film.

                Retain box for future reference.


                For external use only.

                Not to be used by people with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to silicone.

                If you do develop a rash or experience an adverse reaction discontinue use and seek medical advice.

                Do not use this product on wounds that have not healed, are open or exudating.

                Do not use on infected wounds.

                Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

                Do not use after expiry date – see base of pack.

                If the wound/scar becomes swollen, reddened or painful, seek medical advice.

                In warm weather or during periods of physical activity where sweating may occur, the product should be cleaned more frequently for comfort and to maintain optimal contact between the product and the skin.

                Avoid ointments/creams/gels in the affected area as they may interfere with performance of the product.

                Do not use if individual wrappers are open or damaged.


                Store in a cool dry place (41 - 104°F) away from direct heat and sunlight.

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