USA Pickleball To Receive Full Support From New Partner Neo G

America’s fastest-growing sport and America’s fastest-growing provider of medical grade braces and supports in the drug store channel align on multi-year partnership.

USA Pickleball, the National Governing Body for the sport of pickleball, today announced a multi-year partnership with Neo G, the No. 1 selling supports and braces brand in the U.S.[1]

As the Exclusive Supports & Braces Partner of USA Pickleball, Neo G will offer a 20% discount and free shipping at to USA Pickleball’s 75,000-plus members.

Neo G’s products are designed in collaboration with medical experts using premium materials to help support and rehabilitate the body, helping users maintain a healthy and active lifestyle at any age. Leading the market through innovations in orthopedic supports, braces and orthotics, the brand focuses on quality, medical efficacy and the health outcomes of users.

“At USA Pickleball, we prioritize the importance of helping our members stay healthy and safe while they play pickleball and lead active lifestyles,” said Brady Kellogg, USA Pickleball Managing Director of Partnerships. “We are thrilled to work with the Neo G team to raise awareness for their best-in-class array of quality products, available at accessible prices to our community.”

“As the fastest-growing brand in the category, it made perfect sense to partner with the fastest-growing sport in the U.S,” said Dan Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Neo G. “Our stated goal is to help people stay active. Injuries can and will happen, but we’re here to help get pickleball players at all levels back on the court as quickly as possible.”

In addition to direct-to-consumer availability, Neo G products can be purchased at leading national retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart. On top of the exclusive membership discount, Neo G will support USA Pickleball players at various events throughout the year.


[1] IRI TOTAL DRUG First Aid Accessories (Braces, Elastic Bandage Wraps & Other Support Devices) from last 13 weeks ending 18th June 23

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