Top Knee Supports for Skiing and Snow

Ski season is upon us and it’s always a busy time of year for Neo G. The biggest demand between January and April is for knee supports; especially those that have additional features such as stays and additional compression.

According to online reports, knee injuries make up to 55-67% [1] of all snow sport injuries, so it’s no surprise that knee supports are in high demand at the start of the season. If you have a trip to the slopes planned with an unfortunate knee problem, be sure to discuss with your doctor our bestselling knee supports for skiing and snow:


Airflow Knee Support

Our Airflow Knee Support is slimline and lightweight, making it perfect for wearing underneath clothes without too much hassle. The Multi Zone Compression provides a snug and flexible fit helping to warm muscles whilst providing mild support to the knee.



VCS Open Knee Support

One of our bestselling supports worldwide and recently awarded a "Highly Commended at the 2021 Pharmacy Most Valuable Products awards, the VCS Open Knee Support helps provide added support and stability. With an open patella design with stitched buttress and constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene, it's best suited to help with arthritis and stiffness from injury.



VCS Stabilised Open Knee Support

A top selling knee support, year on year: the VCS Stabilised Open Knee Support has all the benefits of the 885 (above), but with the added feature of additional stays that give an extra bit of bounce. The interchangeable metal spiral stays on either side of the brace help provide flexible support, alongside the open patella design and stitched buttress that help give reinforced support.



Adjusta Fit Hinged Open Knee Support

If things have gone horribly wrong and you’ve taken a tumble on the slopes you might be in need of something to immobilize and limit movement once you get home. The 898 Adjusta Fit Hinged Open Knee has adjustable dials to help control flexion and extension movements for a prescribed range of motion, helping to limit movement during recovery.


Whilst a good support or brace can help protect or prevent injuries on the slopes its still a good idea to discuss with your doctor or physiotherapist before utilizing one to make sure it meets your requirements





Our VCS range offers varying levels of support from mild to moderate to firm to provide optimum protection and stability. As a one size solution, these supports are fully adjustable to allow for a custom fit. In addition to this, the heat therapeutic neoprene helps to warm muscles and joints during exercise and rehabilitation, making the VCS range perfect for supporting instability during weights and gym training, as well as helping strains, sprains and weak, arthritic joints.

For support in everyday activities, the Airflow and Airflow+ ranges offer lightweight, slimline supports that protect and reduce the impact on joints and muscles. Perfect for taking a walk, playing sport or support with day to day strain.

Active Range

Our Active range of knitted supports provide a snug, yet flexible fit during sporting and occupational activities. Multi Zone Compression surrounds muscles and joints for targeted support and the multi-way stretch allows flexible and safe movement, providing comfortable support and reducing the likelihood of injury. The specialist breathable fabric helps control moisture during intense activities, whilst the slimline, lightweight design means it can easily be worn under clothes for everyday wear. 

[1] Source

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