Award winning knee support, recommended by experts

We’re delighted to announce that our Open Knee Support has been awarded “Highly Commended” in the 2021 Pharmacy MVP Awards!

In conjunction with P3pharmacy, Pharmacy Magazine and Training Matters Magazine, the “Most Valuable Product Awards” are judged by an expert panel and voted on by thousands of pharmaceutical professionals from independents and major multiples. The expert panel is made up of pharmacists and business leaders from a cross-section of the industry.

For our Neo G Open Knee Support to have been awarded “Highly Commended” in the Joint & Muscular Pain category in the Pharmacy industry’s most prestigious award scheme is truly humbling. We‘re ecstatic to have received recognition from medical professionals who wanted to acknowledge the products that they know have helped their customers the most.


Best-selling open knee brace

Our best-selling knee brace, the Neo G Open Knee Support is a one size, fully adjustable support, providing a custom fit and compression level. Made from heat therapeutic neoprene, the open knee support helps warm muscles and joints, which aids in recovery and rehabilitation from injury and eases arthritis symptoms.  Now coming “Highly Commended” by the Pharmacy MVP Awards 2021, the open patella design with stitched buttress helps with patella tracking whilst providing added support and helping with overall stability.


Open Knee Support Features
Open Knee Benefits

If its rest and recovery you need, our hot and cold therapy range offers just that. While heat therapy helps to target muscle and joint pain by relaxing muscles and improving blood flow, cold therapy works to tackle muscle swelling, soothing aches and pains. The Neo G Open Knee Support is capable of being used in conjunction with our Hot & Cold therapy range, holding the discs in place so their soothing effects can be highly targeted to the area of concern.


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