Dr Canuso Answers: What are orthotic insoles?
Looking for the right insoles can be a daunting task with so many options on the market. From flexible to rigid, full length to 3/4 and crucially, from £1 to £500, there are thousands of insole options. To understand an expert's...
How to apply Kinesiology tape
Over the past few years there has been an increased availability of Kinesiology tape, with people more confident in applying the tape themselves, rather than historically having a professional apply the tape to them. For those still unsure about how...
Compression Hosiery Buying Guide
Compression hosiery comes in various styles, lengths and compression levels but ultimately they all work in the same way. By providing a firm, continuous pressure to the muscles and veins in the leg with more pressure being exerted at the...
How Does Compression Work?
Healthy Blood Flow Good blood flow is important for keeping skin and tissues healthy. In a healthy leg, tiny valves inside your veins open and close to ensure blood moves around the body in the right direction. What does this...
Wound Advisor
As more and more of us are taking on increased responsibility for our own and our family’s wound treatment and dressing, here at Neo G we believe that self-care should not mean less care. How we care for our wounds...
6 Wound Care Myths
From beer to honey, wound care has come a long way as we have learnt more about the natural process of our body’s self-healing capabilities. How we care for our wounds can affect how well they heal and whether they...
Insoles Buying Guide
With there being so many insoles on the market, it can be daunting looking for an orthotic that’s right for you. They range from $1 to $500; they can be hard or soft, rigid or flexible, full length or short...

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