Introducing the Universal Wrist Brace

Introducing the Universal Wrist Brace, a new wrist brace that can fit both left and right wrist and virtually any size, saving the hassle of choosing a size and having to buy multiple supports.

The Universal Wrist Brace is the newest entry in our Variable Compression System (VCS) range, which is a medical grade, one-size-fits-most support and brace range, designed to fit a wide range of body types, ages and events and is unisex.  

Fully adjustable to allow for a custom fit and compression level, the Universal Wrist Brace ensures blood flow safety and has bound seams and edges for added comfort, allergy control and durability. Made from premium grade, heat therapeutic neoprene, it gently warms muscles and joints, helping reduce pain.

It is designed to help with a range of wrist injuries such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI), sprains and instability of the wrist. The Universal Wrist Brace can also help with carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritic wrists as well as tendonitis and tenosynovitis.

The Universal Wrist Brace comes with a rigid aluminium splint which helps stabilize the wrist and hand, particularly good for easing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused by excessive bending of the wrist joint and subsequent compression of the median nerve in the wrist. 

Wearable on either the left or right wrist, the Universal Wrist Brace is easy to apply:

  1. Lay support on flat surface if possible. Undo all straps, leaving long middle strap threaded though buckle. With palm towards floor, place hand through support, then slide thumb through RIGHT thumbhole if wearing on Left hand, OR through LEFT thumbhole if wearing on Right hand, ensuring palm of hand sits over area where splint is pointing upwards.
  2. Fasten bottom lower strap, then top strap (between thumb & index finger).
  3. Finally wrap long middle strap over and around wrist and fasten, checking all straps are firm yet comfortable.



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