Neo G becomes the fastest growing brand in the muscle support device category in the US

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Neo G is the fastest-growing brand in the muscle support device category in the US, after half-year figures saw sales grow by 47% in the drug channel and 46% across multi-outlet.

The brand is outperforming the market, having consistently grown market share in each of the 4 quarters across the last 52 weeks.

Dan Jones, Commercial Director, said “Neo G has recorded a sales record in every single month so far in 2021, firmly establishing us as the fastest-growing volume medical brand in the US.  We have seen a huge convergence to the brand through the pandemic and see this trend continuing as self-selecting consumers continue to look for premium solutions within the category to best serve their health needs.”

Delayed surgeries, longer waiting times to see physicians, rising deductibles and out of pocket limits, together with reduced coverage by some insurance providers, are all contributing factors behind the increased demand for premium Medical Grade products across the market.

Source: IRI – 26 week period 11 July 2021. Total US Drug. Total US Multi-Outlet.

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