Dr Canuso Answers: What are orthotic insoles?

Looking for the right insoles can be a daunting task with so many options on the market. From flexible to rigid, full length to 3/4 and crucially, from £1 to £500, there are thousands of insole options. To understand an expert's position on the matter, we invited Dr Dana Canuso, a podiatric surgeon who specialises in sports medicine and orthotics, including custom made orthotics, to speak to us at our offices about all things insoles. Dr Canuso's knowledge of the orthotic landscape allows her to cut through the noise surrounding orthotics. We also gave her a pair of our NeoThotics Pro-Expert and NeoThotics Pro-Flex to see where she thought they sat in the market.


Introduction to Dr Dana Canuso

The Orthotics Landscape

NeoThotics Pro-Expert

NeoThotics Pro-Flex

Introduction to Dr Dana Canuso


The Orthotics Landscape


NeoThotics Pro Expert


NeoThotics Pro Flex


We couldn't have put it better ourselves, Dr Canuso! If you like the sound of orthotic insoles designed by experts at a fraction of the cost of custom insoles, explore our NeoThotics range.

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